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About Nahir 

What does serendipity mean in love? 

Serendipity: Finding something beautiful  without looking for it. A chance encounter with  that certain someone is all that it takes to turn  your life upside down. 

Hello, I’m Nahir Hernandez a Wedding Officiant, Certified Celebrant and soon to be Wedding Day Coordinator.

I’m Ordained and Registered with the State of Texas and based in Shenandoah. I’ve served couples in the Houston Metro area and beyond, and I’m sooo glad we’re meeting at such an exciting time in your life!


As a couple you have a goal of finding an amazing Officiant/Celebrant to handle your upcoming ceremony. Well, you’re in the right place! 

Together we will develop your vision and create a ceremony that is uniquely yours. Whether it’s contemporary or religious, non-denominational or interfaith, your ceremony will be beautiful and meaningful.  Because in your dreams, every detail matters.

I’m happily married to the love of my life, Joseph. Our meeting was literally a chance encounter that ended up turning my life upside down in a good way! We complement each other in so many aspects of our lives. He balances me out on those particularly hectic days!

When I’m not working as a wedding officiant, I spend my time as a telecommunications construction project manager and a mobile notary public, with an expertise in estate planning documentation. I love being able to help couples and/or families in all stages of life prepare for the unknown, bringing a sense of calm to the storm that is estate planning. I am also a retired ordained minister’s daughter, and for over thirty years helped my dad plan and execute weddings within the church.

For my husband and I, the ceremony was the most treasured and extraordinary part of our wedding. Our officiant told our love story bringing tears of joy and laughter to those who were a part of our special day. I want you to be able to say those exact same words. Each ceremony is uniquely crafted for you, the couple, and is based all around your love story.

A love that is absolutely worth celebrating and I consider it an honor to be part of that process as you take that significant step towards marriage. 


Looking back to my wedding day brings great memories and it’s also thanks to that experience that I now have a strong appreciation of the importance for every couple to have a marriage ceremony that’s personally meaningful for them. Even if your ceremony is bound by tradition. Even if it's short and simple. Even it's spontaneous, or big, or small. The ceremony itself represents something much bigger (that is, your marriage) so if particular elements are important to you, then as your celebrant it's also going to be important to me. 

I believe the right marriage celebrant should be a pillar of support; guiding you through legal requirements, ensuring your ceremony truly reflects you, and bringing genuine grace, humor and love to the occasion. If you'd like to arrange a time to catch up or talk more about your ceremony, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

What We Do

Finding something beautiful without looking for it

Serendipitous Love is a wedding officiant team based in Shenandoah, TX. Owner and operator Nahir Hernandez is dedicated to helping couples create a memorable wedding ceremony experience. We craft ceremonies centered around each unique couple and the wishes for their day. 


We aim to create a heartfelt and memorable wedding ceremony that reflects your love, personalities, and commitment to each other. You can call on Nahir to wed you in a personalized and memorable service, who can officiate in English, Spanish or both, weddings of all sizes, vow renewals, elopements, and commitment ceremonies. Nahir is more than happy to work closely with her clients and facilitate custom vows to ensure the experience is completely personalized. In addition to our wedding services, Serendipitous Love provides pre-marital counseling with Rev. Gonzalez, who is a retired ordained minister of 30+ years.

We offer comprehensive wedding officiant packages to accommodate your ceremony needs. Serendipitous Love seeks to create a stress-free, delightful experience while being budget friendly. From the moment you choose Serendipitous Love, a thorough initial consultation will take place to allow you and Nahir to get to know each other and discuss your ceremony ideas and preferences, to best represent your unique love story through the ceremony.

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